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If you are looking for a web host for your business or personal site there are many options available. Depending on the purpose of your site and how much traffic  you will be receiving, shared hosting is probably your best choice. If you are a business or an individual that plans on building a site that will take more resources or receive more visitors it may be wise to look into VPS or dedicated hosting options. We have researched the best web hosting companies and give you reviews to help you decide.

Best Shared Hosting

For most new html sites or blogs shared hosting is sufficient. Shared hosting means you will be sharing the resources with a set number of other accounts that your host has allocated. Shared hosting is perfect for new sites and can usually be upgraded to a larger plan if you need more resources. Here is our list of the top rated shared hosting companies.

1. HostGator

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2. JustHost

Signup at JustHost Now!JustHost is a first class web hosting provider that offer free domains, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains.
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3. BlueHost

Signup at BlueHost hereBluehost was recently awarded Best New Hosting Company and Best Customer Support by the some of the leading hosting review companies. Unlimited domains can be hosted for no extra charge on one account.
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Best VPS Hosting

If you outgrow shared hosting the next level of hosting to look at is VPS or a virtual private server. VPS hosting is still shared but the server is virtually split into equal parts, giving you your own server within a server. Usually hosting companies split the server into several partitions giving you much better performance than shared. Here are the best VPS hosts we’ve found after extensive research.

Best Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is useful if you want to offer separate accounts within the hosting control panel that each have their own settings. Somewhere in between shared and VPS hosting, reseller hosting is typically used by companies that build websites, like web designers and also businesses that wish to resell hosting and make it appear that they are the hosting company. Prices on reseller hosting can be comparable to VPS hosting so it may be worth comparing to find the best deal. Here are the most popular and top rated reseller hosting sites.

Best Dedicated Hosting

The most expensive and robust option for hosting, dedicated servers allow you to basically ‘own’ the server and be the only one that is using it. Dedicated hosting may be necessary for a site that is resource intensive such as a popular forum or multimedia related that gets a lot of traffic. Another use for dedicated servers is to allow a lot of sites to be hosted at once, giving you much better performance than a VPS server. Most dedicated hosting companies offer a managed plan so you can get help with setup, configuration, and maintenance. Proper server administration, especially on Linux can be complicated so it is recommended that you pay the extra money and get this level of support. Here are the best dedicated server companies.

Tips to Selecting the Best Web Host

To choose the ultimate web host you need to understand what the requirements are for your website project. Start with shared if possible and you can always upgrade later. One other recommendation is to reserve a domain separate from the hosting. In case there is ever a problem with your host, the domain won’t be trapped there. So you can compare the hosts we have listed and choose the one that matches your project!

How We Came Up With the Rankings

The hosting companies featured on this page and the rankings are based on our own experiences, research, and what is popular in the webmaster community. Selecting a good and reputable web host is very important and we have provided the top rated ones available.


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